Vital MGMT things you missed last night if you went to bed at a decent hour:


  • MGMT played at Estereo Festival in Bogota, Colombia
  • There was a low quality livestream recorded by Juan on his android
  • 3 never before performed songs by MGMT were played 
  • 1st one is at 6:00 minutes in, 2nd one is at 33:50 (covers I think?)
  • A NEW MGMT SONG AT 50:00 called Alien Babies or Alien Days?
  • Andrew whipped out the electric for Siberian Breaks
  • We live blogged the shit out of it all
  • Virtual hugs and group cries were had
  • Livestream ended and everyone cursed Juan
  • Andrew did not cut his hair and wore some sort of poncho
  • Life will never be the same 

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