Beatbox cover of Kids. AMAZING.

Here’s a really old piece of fan art I drew this one time (:

Here’s a really old piece of fan art I drew this one time (:


Ahh everything was so amazing and lovely! I ended up standing next to Will’s mom and I talked to her for a bit and she looks JUST LIKE HIM. Then his brother and dad came over and I met them, too. My sister drew a picture for the guy who came out at the beginning to check/tune the instruments and he really liked it and said to come back after the show to get something, but we ended up not being able to find him after it. :C 

Even still, everything was so interesting and the lights were spectacular :D

You met Will’s family?! Wow, I’m jealous!! The atmosphere of the venue must have been a unique one with the stunning lights and all, We’re glad you enjoyed the show!

Many thanks to gigglepeas for sharing her experience!

Holy shit, last night…

MGMT….Guggenheim……oh my god. 

As soon as I walked in I saw Andrew standing on the side and I made awkward eye contact because I didn’t know if I should go up to him or not. I must have just missed him because the security guards took him away. LMAO. 

About 10 minutes later I saw James hanging out in the middle so I went over to him and showed him my drawing of him on my phone. He said he liked it, but he had no idea what was happening because he was so fucking stoned I can’t even explain. He was so hilarious. 

The concert started later than I expected, but as soon as it started it was amazing. The music/light/visuals were so innovative and amazing. I loved it so much. The set was shorter than I expected because there was what must have been a typo on the website saying that it ended at 1:30 am…. I was a little shocked when they walked off after 45 minutes, but obviously it was amazing so I didn’t care. 

The art was beyond belief. I couldn’t even the fathom the work that Cattlan did. It was so amazing and exactly my style. I love the humor and darkness that was used. If I remember correctly I believe the overall theme of the pieces was something along the lines of negativity in pop culture or something… I am not entirely sure. It was so amazing and I would love to go again with my good camera and take pictures of the pieces. 

Anyway… whatever. I’m so tired and like, ugh right now. idek.

This was my reaction the morning after…. lmao.

What an encounter you had with James haha! It’s nice to hear your opinion on the performance itself, and of course the art! We’re happy to see that you had lots of fun!

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